Our philosophy

We value symphony orchestras.

We consider the interaction of musicians, conductor, composer and audience as one of the great cultural achievements of mankind.

We would like to convey this total work of art to the next generations.

We are equally interested in the art form of film, which has flourished for over 100 years, and with it the music, which makes the emotional experience of a moving picture possible in the first place.

We are fascinated by the universal language of symphonic music for film in all its forms, which sets no limits to the reception of film.

We live Europe: this is evident in the works we constantly rediscover and make available for symphony orchestras, but also in the composition of our team.

Our aim is to inspire orchestras in Germany, Europe and around the world, to serve as their contact and workshop, and to acquaint the audience with the contemporary art of symphonic music for film; this does not exclude experiments.

Beate Warkentien and Frank Strobel

Partner and founder